Unlock better customer experiences with brighter and better legal documents

LIGHTLEGAL STYLING takes your existing set of legal terms, agreements or contracts and makes them shine!

This service will improve your customer experience. Shorter documents with simple words, company branding and a layout to easily find contract terms equals better understanding. This improves customer engagement and internal use. This is because the documents are not 'too legal'.

The re-style is managed by a lawyer so they'll still be legally valid. They will be shorter, easier on the eye and crucially, easier to understand. 

Your terms and agreements can be the lifeblood of your business. If they are easy to understand, they offer stronger legal protection. 

INVESTMENT: FROM $250 + gst per document or enquire for price for your WHOLE SET OF DOCUMENTS. 


Restyle Project

A few changes made this document easy to use and understand!


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