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In those early days, it can be a cashflow saver to buy expertly styled legal document packs for your business day-to-day legal needs

Not every business can afford to engage a lawyer to get started or to help them on their journey. 

Sometimes expert help really must be called in. No online service can or should replace speclialist legal advice. 

However, a cost-effective way to grow your business is to purchase one or more of our lightlegal document packs. 

These packs contain the key terms or documents you need for day-to-day business legal needs. 

This means that you can manage your legal needs and brighten your cashflow projection in those crucial early stages!

INVESTMENT: From $900 to $1500 per pack depending on what you need. 

Packs typically include:

  • Services Agreement Template for when you do work for someone

  • Independent Contractor Agreement Template for when someone does work for you (business to business)

  • Terms & Conditions Template to add to your quotes or invoices

  • Privacy Policy Template for your website

  • Free Light Legal Knowledge Builder Checklist


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Light Consulting is the trading name of Light Legal NZ Limited (a company incorporated in New Zealand) 

Light Consulting does not supply regulated legal services. No solicitor-client relationship is created when we work together.

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