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Light Consulting is the trading name of Light Legal NZ Limited, an incorporated law firm in New Zealand.

Light Consulting and Lightlegal Store do not supply regulated legal services and non solicitor-client relationship is created when we work together.

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Get Contract Packs | Build Your Contracting Capability

Welcome! My mission is to help you to make your business shine by helping you to build your contracting know-how and access top-class contract packs to help your business to Shine.

Light Legal helps Bright Sparks stop being in the dark about contracts and start to shine with slick contracting processes, professional templates and the capability to use them to make their business shine.

My services combine:

  • Off-the-shelf contract template packs ready for you to customise with your logo and style

  • Top-class legal coaching to help you understand how to get started or get better

 Bright Sparks need to Shine! 



How Legal Consulting works



Build your legal know-how with a capability programme

LIGHT CONSULTING CAPABILITY BUILDING is when you work with me to build your legal know-how to learn how spot legal needs and manage them to make your business shine.  

Light Consulting can help you whether you are:

  • An entrepreneur ready to introduce the world to your Bright Idea

  • A young businesses that is ready to scale and grow

  • A sole trader starting out

by giving you a capability boost on how to plan for your legal needs, educating you on contract 101 or helping you to understand how to collaborate with someone else to grow your business and make it shine. ​

Legal consulting is not legal services.

Capability training is a great, low-cost way to build your own knowledge of what contracting choices or legal compliance decisions you need to do, think about or plan for to make great business decisions that might involve a contract at the end!

Decisions like:

  • how to onboard a client 

  • how to collaborate with an independent contractor or another business

  • how to use your contracting process to make sure you get paid fast enough

My most popular training programmes  take from 2-4 hours and make your business shine in no time.

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Get Legal Contract Packs ready to style and ready to go with no lawyer fees

Not every business can afford to engage a lawyer to get started or to help them on their journey. 

A cost-effective way to grow your business is to purchase one or more of our lightlegal contract packs. 

These packs are experly designed by a professional lawyer with one goal, to help your business to shine!

Examples of what's included in the popular Getting Started Legal Pack:

  • A set of contract terms to sell your professional service

  • A set of email templates to help you quote like a pro and get that work in

  • A checklist to keep you on track

  • Invoice terms that can work even with Xero or MYOB

All with a guide to add in your own logo and style to look super slick. ​

Combining the legal packs with expert coaching via in-person or online training sessions will make your business shine in no time!


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